Z-Notes 2/25/21

Greetings, Third Church Friends!

I have very happy, un-Lent-like news to share today: I have finished my orientation sessions with the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). They have selected their leaders and are on their way toward accomplishing to task for which you all elected them—woohoo!! By design, I now step away from that group.  Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM) Liaison, Tom Taylor (who participated in the sessions), takes loose hold of the reins. I say loose because the capable folks you selected will mostly supervise themselves, with Tom serving as a regular and valuable resource for the journey.

Here again are the PNC members and the leaders they have chosen: Glenna Curren, Clive Daunton, Ry Foye (Vice-Moderator), Murie Gillett (Communications and Technology Officer), Melanie Jones, Kate Orem, Jeremy Peters (Chaplain), Peg Rachfal (Moderator), Michael Singh, Lea Theuer, and Maddie Veitch. Please add their names to your prayer lists.

The next item on the PNC’s to-do list is to write the church resumé, called the Ministry Information Form (MIF). They have already begun that task and expect to have it finished for Session review in March and COM approval the first week in April. Candidate matching will then begin immediately. Because searches are conducted almost entirely electronically these days, the PNC will not be up to their necks in paper response. Email inboxes will be a different matter.

I have stated previously that I do not like to suggest timelines; but this group is prepared to work fast. I have warned them that I will prod them mercilessly to provide regular updates on their work. I have no reason to believe that they will not keep you informed. That is the best way to keep you all engaged in the effort.

Back to Lent for a few sentences. The Second Sunday in that season rests on this week’s horizon. The Lent of Liberation study will inform my thinking, though I know not how just yet. Several of our young people will be tag-teaming as liturgists. Promises to be another uplifting time of worship. See you then!

Pastor Zomermaand
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