Z-Notes 2/11/21

Greetings, Third Church Friends!

We did it!! We had an unfortunate, unexplained Zoom glitch, but you all managed to elect your Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) on Sunday, January 31.  Woohoo! Members are: Glenna Curren, Clive Daunton, Ry Foye, Murie Gillett, Melanie Jones, Jeremy Peters, Kate Orem, Peg Rachfal, Michael Singh, Lea Theuer, Madeline Veitch. The Rev. Tom Taylor is the Committee on Ministry liaison who will also be advising them. Not only that, we managed to find times for our first meetings. We’ve met twice already and have a third of my four orientations sessions on the calendar for this Saturday. Getting the PNC up and running is one of the favorites parts of my job. That poor group of folks will get so tired of my saying that this will be one of the most challenging… and rewarding experiences in their lives. The eleven of them will be bound together in this important common task. Along the way, they will establish relationships that will stand firm as the years unfold. I guarantee it!

Here is something else I will say several times along the way. The PNC’s work is confidential, but it is not secret. They will always be able to tell you what they are doing. They will NOT be able to say anything about the candidates they are reviewing. I will remind you about that as time goes by. I will also be prompting them to give regular updates to the congregation. One of the principles that I encourage them to follow is to present a shared perspective on what the committee is doing. They will have intense conversation with each other during meetings.  They will agree on what they will communicate to you. So let them do their important work. Include the members on your prayer lists. They will request and need your prayers!

The PNC’s formation and work provides a bright, shining light at the end of the tunnel we keep mentioning. This Sunday, we remember the Transfiguration, a light at the beginning of the ministry tunnel that will lead Jesus to Jerusalem and Golgotha. And through it, of course. We’ll focus on that dazzling event on Sunday.

Pastor Zomermaand
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