Z-Notes 12/31/20

Happy New Year again…almost!

Our sentiments at the conclusion of 2020 remind me of the last chorus of Dolly Levi’s parting words to miser Horace Vandergelder:

Oh, I should have said “So long”
How could I have been wrong?
Oh, I should have said “So long”
So long ago

Of course, you musical aficionados know there was more to that good-time story.  When I think about 2020, however, the first thought that comes to mind is So long!! Then up comes a comment about a closing door and a piece of one’s anatomy. Can I get an Amen to that?!?

How many times have we said or heard or thought that 2020 would be a year we ALL remember. Like Pearl Harbor (I don’t remember, but many of you do). Or D-Day (ditto). Or the Cuban missile crisis (Ah, I remember…vaguely). Like JFK’s death. And Nixon’s resignation. And John Lennon’s murder. Like the Challenger explosion. And Magic Johnson’s AIDS announcement. And Kobe Bryant’s crash. Moments etched into our memory chips. We will remember 2020, too, even as we ush to slam the door on its backside!!

We’ve learned a lot about humanity…and ourselves…this year. Some of those lessons will elbow their way onto the instruction sheet that describes life’s new normal. A few of them will even move into the Most Favored column. Some of us will be happy never to go back to regular office work, for instance. We will be much quicker to fire up Zoom or Facetime or Google Chat when we want to communicate with each other. It’s really quite simple, isn’t it? Church meetings will be easier to schedule because travel time and babysitters will not dictate availability. Etc, etc, etc—to quote another famous musical character.

Amazon will not find a market for years like 2020 in the future. Still. (Pause) Would I give up everything that I experienced this year? I might; but I would be foregoing some really wonderful learnings. 2020 serves as a pretty good example of what I call a Romans 8:28 lesson. God didn’t send us this virus to correct us or strengthen us or test us in some way. Coronaviruses (like other stuff) happen. Pretty much to everyone. Millions of people are sick and dead. AND we have a forced opportunity to be better because of Covid-19.

Things might get a little worse before they get better. Dear Lord, we hope and pray not! In any case, we still have time to consider how we will be better people as what we expect to be a better year moves us communally toward the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks be to God!

With highest hopes!!
Pastor Zomermaand
[email protected]
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