Z-Notes, 10/8/20

I’ve had a really good stretch of running lately. That is mostly due to the fact that the weather has been great for outdoor exercise. I am understanding better how challenging it was to keep up my regimen in Florida for nine or so months of the year. I remember my previous tour in Greece, NY, over twenty years ago. I used to pride myself in bundling up and getting out in the white hurricanes that come our way. Probably won’t do that now. So why the pic above? ‘Cause I have to stay in shape as long as I can to keep up with my little grandbuddy, who will soon turn two years old. Nothing like a little motivation!! I ran with my girlies when they were young, although they weren’t keen on training with me. Dad ran too fast. I told them they would beat me someday…but I wasn’t going to make it easy. Not sure I’ll use that line on my buddy, Lincoln.

Running describes the pace of my work these days. It took a while to get traction in these interesting times, but the proverbial rubber has bitten into dry pavement and several important transition projects got under way recently. You will be hearing about them in other places soon, so I won’t belabor the point here. The work of transition is not something I do. Rather, I prod YOU to get it done. Several of you have grabbed the reins in that effort.

I will tie the transition theme into worship in a very important way this Sunday. We will kick off the 2021 Generosity and Gratitude campaign, keeping the theme, Renewing Church for a New World, in mind. Often, church folks conclude that interim years allow them to take a break from active support of the church’s ministry and mission. I make exactly the opposite point. Candidates who want to inherit my chair will be microscoping church records NOW as they make the decision about where they will serve next. True, the financial well-being of a congregation may not be at the top of their list of concerns; but no pastor wants to come into a church situation where they need to worry exhaustively about whether bills can be paid and vital ministries continued. So I’ll point out the need in a rather straightforward manner. You may even hear a phrase or two that you’ve never experienced before in church. That’s all I’ll say about that.

I know I’ve bored you enough with remembrances of my three years in Florida. I always enjoy my places of work. Well, ALMOST always. I am as giddy as a kid when I am out on my runs, kicking up colored leaves again! I reveled in my nearly year-round beach time down there. But I’m a northerner at heart. Something about God’s gratuitous splashing of pigments on the hillsides and shorelines causes awe to well up in my soul like few other things. And here we are, right in the middle of it. Rochester ain’t Eden for reasons too numerous to recount. As it relates to fall beauty, we’re pretty close!


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