Z-Notes 1/7/20

Greetings from Ohio, Third Church Friends!

I consider every part of Ohio south of Interstate 70 “the South.” That includes my official home town, Xenia. I can assure you that even though I am spending time in “The South,” I am not dressed like the picture at left. I am happy to say that I am spending a little more extended time with my wife, Patricia! Covid-19 has made more frequent trips home logistically challenging. I have a little flexibility in my schedule for the next few weeks, so I have time for the quarantining I will need to do. A small price to pay to spend time with the love of my life for nearly forty years.

I’m not superstitious, but last year (2020) I stated that I had been on the road for over twelve years. In 2021, I say that I am in my fourteenth year on the road. Do I need to convince anyone that the year in between was a stinker?!? Didn’t think so. I never imagined my life in ministry would work out the way it has, and it is full of personal challenges. But also plenty of rewards. Since 2008, I’ve met nine churches full of disciples of Jesus anxious and eager to take a look at themselves on the way to the next chapter of their communal lives. I prodded them successfully through the pastor-selection process. As I check back on them (sneakily), it seems all of them have managed to do very well! So my personal pat-on-the-back serves as a good sign for you all. I expect the same to happen at Third Church.

I am away from Rochester for a while, but I am staying in touch. We are pretty much isolating at home here, so I will be staying current with email messages. It’s only January and Xenia is not THAT far south, so not a lot of garden work will be done. Maybe an indoor project or two that has languished for a while. I’m working my way through the list that always greets me when I show up.

We will have a lot to accomplish at Third Church during the first quarter of the year. You will hear me say much about that in the weeks to come. For another week or so, I’m going to step back a bit…and enjoy some time at home.

With highest hopes!!
Pastor Zomermaand
[email protected]
Office: 585-271-6513, ext. 105; Cell: 618-606-1053 (after hours; emergencies)