Z-Notes 1/14/21

Greetings, Third Church Friends!

I shouldn’t be able to dig in my garden during January (even in southern Ohio), but I have been doing so. Today (Wednesday), we are suffering the onslaught of a bright sun.  Life is tough. This is not a news flash for the gardeners among us, but the best place to store carrots is in the ground, covered by a thick bed of leaves, to be dug through the winter. I have only about a six foot row left, but I pulled the bowl-full at left for our nutritional enjoyment. We eat carrots pretty much every day. I  wonder how poor my eyesight would be if I hadn’t been doing this for decades!!

I’m wrapping up my time at home, sitting on pins and needles like the rest of you, as we navigate the rocky shoals that endanger our national ship of state. I make it a habit to pray every day for leaders in public positions—longer prayers these days.  We have immense divisions of long standing in our country. We were pressed to confront issues of systemic racism last year; and we will be required to address this enduring chasm this year, a crevasse largely created by the resident racism around and within us. We have been asking, and will continue to question in this new year, how we can contribute to the closing of the gap between the various groups in the land. We have no choice. The events of January 6 show us that doing nothing will result in tyranny and chaos. ‘Nuff said.

Another truth I have uncovered about Third Church staff that you already knew:  we have wonderfully gifted writers and speakers among us! I’ve been listening to myself (Dear Lord!) for over forty years as a preacher and worship leader. I am blessed to sit down and be quiet while other folks here lead. Like this week. Staff member and seminarian, Becka Fergusson-Lutz will be preaching on the OT lesson detailing the interaction between young Samuel and old Eli. Becka let me peak at her work-in-progress and I am so looking forward to the final product on Sunday.

I will be back in Rochester on Sunday but will be following quarantining/testing protocols for a few days. I have been isolating at home and expect that all shall be well and I will be back on the loose by midweek. See you soon!

Pastor Zomermaand
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