Z-Notes 01/28/21

Greetings, Third Church Friends!

I’m back in Rochester after being away and going through the re-entry process that accompanies out-of-state travel. I scooted back from Ohio on January 16, and just last Saturday passed my second Covid test in a week, allowing me to move to and fro across the face of Monroe County again. Duly masked, of course. After not preaching three of the last four Sundays, I settle back into that task for several weeks now. We were blessed with some marvelous words from different folks this past month. I was refreshed by having a seat in the congregation. Now I hope to keep up the sermonic inspiration as we enter the next phase of this interim time.

Two major milestones were passed the last few weeks. Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM) and our Session reviewed and approved our Mission Study Report, giving us permission to elect our Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).  The congregational Nominating Committee anticipated that good word and long ago set out to identify a representative group of Third Church members for the PNC. You will have received a notice introducing them by the time you read these ponderings. Now you all get to elect them and set them on their busy way to running me out of town…I mean, finding the next occupant of my office. How long [will it take], O Lord?!? A while, to be sure; but not as long as you fear. The Mission Study Team has been working since October 1 to give the PNC more than a flying start on the process.

We will focus this Sunday’s worship on this huge step forward in our transition, holding a congregational meeting after worship to review and endorse the Nominating Committee’s suggestions. Sunday’s theme will reflect and/or conjure up hopeful, anticipatory thoughts among us. We regularly have weighty matters to consider as disciples of Jesus Christ, as we should. However, I want us to be as spritely and positive in outlook as we dare to be. As you already know, when times and things seem dark and hopeless, Jesus reminds us that with God, all things are possible! Thanks be to God!!

Pastor Zomermaand
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