Youth Ministry Update – May 2021

Cloister Window Project

The new banners in the cloister windows were designed and created by the youth of our church over the past month. Since the beginning of the 2020-2021 program year, a small group of youth have been gathering in a twice-monthly club called “God’s Rainbow Friends” under the supervision of Murie Gillett, youth advisor, and Becka Fergusson-Lutz, Interim Coordinator of Youth Ministry. This group was designed to provide a safe, queer-normative space in which youth can understand their identities situated in a context of faith. The young members of this group, all of whom are very artistically gifted, proposed the following design for a temporary installation in the windows that face East Avenue. These banners aim to communicate the core ideas of the Gospel and our church’s mission of gender and sexual inclusion in a fun and eye-catching way. 


Youth Retreat

The YOUth@Third will team up with the youth ministry at Spiritus Christi Church for a day-long retreat. Beginning in May, high-schoolers from Third Presbyterian Church and Spiritus Christi Church will also meet twice-monthly for a small group Bible  study focused on discipleship. These events are part of the YOUth@Third’s efforts at a more collaborative, ecumenical youth program within our city. Partnerships like this allow youth to make friends across churches (sometimes with people who attend their own high schools), and to see the ways that different congregations live out their values.