Lucem tuam da nobis Deus
The Glazier's Motto: God Give Us Your Light

Tiffany Studios

Louis Comfort Tiffany was a son of the New York Jeweler Tiffany. Eight of the windows in the Third Presbyterian Church sanctuary were designed and built by Tiffany Studios.

L.C. Tiffany invented a new glass technique he called "Favrile Glass." This was a composition of various colored glasses which were worked together while hot. This glass was notable for its metallic iridescence with no pigment added to the glass all the color was in the glass.

Tiffany argued that the "decorative arts" were more important to man than the "fine arts." He devoted his talents to "making things of use beautiful."

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The Holy City From Cross to Crown John of Patmos with the Holy City Tree Planted By the Rivers of Water Angel with Laurel Wreath Thine, O Lord, Is the Victory

Stained Glass Windows
Third Presbyterian Church
Rochester, NY