The Copeland Memorial Chime

The History of the Chime


The bells awaiting installation in the tower.

The following appeared in the Democrat & Chronicle on Monday, October 10, 1927, the day after the David Copeland Memorial Chimes were dedicated:

"Copeland Memorial Chimes Hung in Third Church Tower
Dedicated at Impressive Service"

"The church was taxed to capacity....and as the first clear notes from the mellow toned bells rang out on the quiet afternoon air, hundreds of passers-by stopped to listen from their cars and for a time traffic in East Ave was nearly blocked."

Early Drawing

Early drawing of the chime as erected in the tower - note the oak frame

Following the dedication address by Rev Andrew Gilles, the Copeland Memorial tablet on the north wall in the church was unveiled by David Copeland Naramore Jr., a direct descendent of David & Martha Shepard Copeland in whose memory the chimes were given as a Centennial gift.

Memorial Tablet
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