The Copeland Memorial Chime
of Third Presbyterian Church

Bell Tower

The bells of the Copeland Chime have enriched the worship experience of Third Presbyterian Church for more than 80 years. As beautiful hymn tunes peal forth from the Bell Tower, there is a connection to all worshippers who over the years have stopped to listen.

The Message of the Bells

"The bells themselves are the best of preachers;
Their brazen lips are learned teachers,
From their pulpits of stone in the upper air,
Sounding aloft without crack or flaw,
Shriller than trumpets under the law,
Now a sermon and now a prayer.
The clangorous hammer is the tongue,
This way, that way, beaten and swung,
That from mouth of brass, as from mouth of gold,
May be taught the Testaments, New and Old."

(From the Dedication Program, Sunday, October 9, 1927)

The History of the Chime

Description of the Bells

(including video of the chime being played)

Climbing the Belltower

The View from the Tower

Compiled from the Third Church Archives by Kay Ramsay
Recent photos by Kay Ramsay and Bob Parrett, 2008

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