Trustee & Property Committee Update

On June 16, the Trustees approved the following property projects:

  1. Repairs to the roofs over the Moot Room, Garth, and Education Building.
  2. Improvements to exterior lighting around the church perimeter.
  3. Implementation of computerized maintenance management software.

These projects will begin in July, and will improve security and increase maintenance efficiency. Additional projects will be brought to the Board for approval in July and August.

Conservation efforts on the three stained-glass windows in the Arnold Park balcony of the Sanctuary are on hold until the contractors involved are able to fully reopen and staff their businesses. The required scaffolding was erected in the courtyard in March and remains in place; removal of the storm and stained-glass windows is currently scheduled for early August. If all work proceeds according to plan, two of the windows should be restored and back in place by November. The third window will be cleaned in place.