Transitory Talk from Pastor Z: March 2021

As we move further into this new year, it is time to discuss an annual transition at Third Church. The Congregational Nominating Committee’s (CNC) undertakes an annual duty of identifying the next class of elders, deacons, and trustees who will serve here. The group consists of

  • Elders: Scott Anthony, Kathryn Thomas
  • Deacon: Pam Foye
  • Trustee: Dick Shellman
  • 2021: Rich Colaluca, Betty Iwan, Wendy Shellman
  • 2022: Siri Baker, Beth Laidlaw

Friends, please be sure to thank them; and to pray for them as they get back to work in a few weeks! Dianna Daunton contributed to the search for PNC members and has asked to be excused from further duty on the team. We are grateful for her work with the CNC and the Mission Study Team. 

The CNC has already accomplished the task of selecting PNC members. They are now preparing to identify the eight church members that will be needed to fill the Class of 2024 seats on both the Session and the Board of Deacons, along with five Trustees. A few board vacancies need to be filled as well. These folks serve as vital leaders of Presbyterian churches, and Third Church in particular. More detailed job descriptions for each position are available.

Elders served with the pastors (who are also elders) on Session in the spiritual and general oversight of the work of Third Church. Everything that has the name of Third Presbyterian Church attached to it falls somewhere under the purview of one of the Session committees. Session, not pastors or staff, run (in the best sense of that word) Third Church and make sure it is operating according to historical biblical and theological standards—no small feat! Session doesn’t do everything by itself, however. Two other boards have specific duties.

The Board of Deacons attach hands, hearts, and feet to our congregational care network. Deacons are charged with the task of staying in touch with church members, finding out if members have specific physical or medical needs, or if a visit to a lonely person is in order. Our deacons have proven to be monumentally important in the season of Covid-19! Many of the connectional lessons learned over the last year will not be disappearing from the deacons’ to-do list going forward, that’s for sure. While the board is under the supervision tent of the Session, our polity allows for a good bit of autonomy in the way deacons plan and perform their ministries of caring and compassion.

While elders and deacons are ordained officers in the church, Trustees are a different kind of servant group. They focus on stewarding our property, finances, legal affairs, and generally work to protect our good name in the secular world. Like the deacons, trustees have a large measure of independent authority given to them by the Session; but they remain accountable to and report to the Session on a monthly basis.

We really believe in sharing the decision-making and ministry tasks around here. It is not easy work, but it is crucial to the way we conduct our holy business. The next three years will also be monumental as new leadership works with you all to discern the direction of this congregation as you all cruise toward your Third Century of ministry.

So…if you want to be considered for service on any of these boards, or you know someone who should be so considered, pass your/their names on to a member of the CNC. Or if you want more information about any office in particular, contact me and I will share a more complete job description with you. 

Blessings, Pastor Zomermaand