“The Church is Always Asking for Money!”

Demanding? Or inviting?

Sometimes people complain that the church asks for money too frequently. To them it feels that there’s always some new cause to support and always some new plea for funding.  They feel resentful of the perceived nagging and confused about how to prioritize.

In some ways this is true—the number of invitations to support Third Church and its ministries has increased over the last few years.  There are more fundraising events, more special offerings, and more specific appeals.  

At the same time, the need to support the church’s annual operating budget remains constant. Your annual pledges or commitments to give are the most important sources of support for all of our ministry.

Please prioritize making and fulfilling an annual pledge as the first, most helpful way of providing financial support. And then please view special, extra appeals as invitations to extend generosity, not as demands to pay up. These opportunities are meant to be like a smorgasbord of delicious options, where you get to choose what most interests you and fill your plate with just a few things or a little of everything!

For example, some folks will feel more passionately about giving to the People’s Emergency Fund than to the Chisholm Stained Glass Fund. Some will be more inclined to donate to hunger ministries than to the music program. That’s okay!

No one needs to feel compelled to give every time an opportunity arises, but everyone has the responsibility to pledge what they can.