Temporary Stated Supply Associate Pastor

Position Description – Temporary Stated Supply Associate Pastor 

Position Summary: The Associate Pastor for Congregational Care works with the Pastor/Head of Staff, the Associate Pastor for Outreach, members of the Program staff, and the Session to provide a ministry of nurture in the Christian faith, and to equip members of the congregation to live and serve in the world, with a particular focus on Congregational Care.  This is a temporary role, designed as an annual contract position for an anticipated 1-3 years.


  • Must be an ordained minister of word and sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • Must possess maturity, persistence, enthusiasm, optimism, compassion, teaching skills, and above all, be a person of great faith.
  • Has experience caring for congregation members, and working collaboratively with the congregation or other groups to address specific issues.
  • Must have experience in Google Suite, MS Office, and current social media platforms and be willing to utilize new platforms as they become available;  Experience in Church Database Management System is a plus.

Program area responsibilities.  As the Temporary Associate Pastor for Congregational Care, this person will work in close collaboration with the Pastor/Head of Staff, Associate Pastor for Outreach, other members of the Program staff, and the Deacon Moderator/Co-Moderators as appropriate, providing pastoral leadership and nurture.  Duties will include:

  • Participate in regular worship leadership, including periodic preaching and administering of the sacraments.  Leadership of special services will be required, including funerals, memorial services, interments and weddings as agreed;
  • Work with the Pastor/Head of Staff, Associate Pastor for Outreach, and members of the Program staff to care for the congregation, nurturing relationships with people of all ages;
  • Provide pastoral care for parishioners living in senior living centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and at home during times of health, emotional, or spiritual crisis, and  in bereavement;
  • Provide staff support/pastoral leadership for our Deacons Board and its ministries, the Membership & Evangelism committee, and the Congregational Fellowship committee;
  • Provide leadership along with the Pastor/Head of Staff and Associate Pastor for Outreach for small group ministries, including but not limited to Thursday Voices, Sunday Seminar, etc.;
  • Must be a self-starter with creativity and a willingness to lead other small groups as the needs arises, particularly around congregational care;
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings including weekly staff meetings, monthly session meetings, etc.
  • Serve appropriately at the presbytery level.
  • Assume other areas of responsibilities as assigned.

Accountability:  The Temporary Stated Supply Associate Pastor is under the supervision and annual evaluation of the Pastor/Head of Staff, assisted by the Personnel Committee and Session. Reviews are held annually with weekly on-going conversations with the Pastor/Head of Staff.

Hours: This is a full-time exempt position.

Interested applicants should send a PIF and Cover Letter to Chair of Personnel Rick Parmelee at personnelchair@thirdpresbyterian.org.