Working for Peace in the World

And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8

Christ called his followers to be peacemakers and justice seekers. At Third Church we pursue this call with support from the Peacemaking Mission Team. We seek to build understanding and connection through Interfaith Dialogue, through Christians Witnessing for Palestine, and through our support of the Presbyterian Church’s Peacemaking Offering. Efforts focus on and support peacemaking within the congregation, the community, and in the world.

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About Peacemaking at Third Church

The Peacemaking Mission Team supports the Presbyterian Commitment to Peacemaking, which calls us to be peacemakers in these general ways: worship, prayer and bible study, global security, study and response to global issues, receiving the Peacemaking Offering, making peace on earth, and peacemaking in families and in community living. Third Church has been a Peacemaking Congregation since 1987 when the Session signed the Presbyterian Commitment to Peacemaking.

As peacemakers, we are all called in many ways to seek peace and justice. The Peacemaking Program of the Presbyterian Church (USA) helps with interpretive resources. The Peacemaking Mission Team at Third Church seeks to provide a focus and support for peacemaking within the congregation, the community, and in the world.

Within the past few years, peacemaking at Third Church has spawned, local anti-violence efforts, our Kenya church partnership, Middle East peace, interfaith Dialogue, and the Jim Rice Essay Contest, Building Bridges.

Interfaith Dialog (Faith to Faith)

An Interfaith Dialogue Group has been formed with members of Temple B'rith Kodesh and the Islamic Center of Rochester. This group, called Faith to Faith, seeks to include Christian, Jewish, and Muslim perspectives. Faith to Faith members hope for a secure and just peace that is respectful of both Israel and Palestine.

Faith to Faith members meet regularly to foster better understanding between people of different faiths. Faith to Faith also sponsors community events to promote understanding. Past events have included Israeli storyteller, Noa Baum: A Land Twice Promised and also the Salaam/Shalom Film Series.

In 2011, Faith to Faith members traveled together to Israel/Palestine, where they heard from Israelis and Palestinians engaged in seeking peace.

For more information or to join this group, contact:

Linc Spaulding

or email:

Rev. Lynette Sparks: Associate Pastor at Third Presbyterian Church
(585)271-6513 ext 106

Middle East Peace

Christians Witnessing for Palestine

Third Church members support and participate with local community groups which seek peace in Palestine. Christians Witnessing for Palestine provides a Christian perspective to the quest for peace, guided by concern for universal human rights and respect for international law. Christians Witnessing for Palestine has sponsored lecture events for the community and also for the laity.

For more information, see:

"Witness Palestine" Film Series

"Witness Palestine" is an annual Rochester film series at The Little Theatre. The goal of the Film Series is to help the public understand the issues and to see beyond stereotypes of the people in the region. "Witness Palestine" is an interfaith effort, with support from Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities.

For more information, see:

Fair Trade Products from Palestine

Fair trade products from the West Bank are a way for us to promote economic justice for the Palestinian people and raise awareness at Third Church. The Peacemaking Mission Team offers fair trade Palestinian Olive Oil and other products at Coffee Hour.

Peacemaking Offering

The Peacemaking Offering is traditionally received on World Communion Sunday, usually the first Sunday in October. The Peacemaking Mission team helps the congregation interpret the Peacemaking Offering.

The Peacemaking Offering supports the peacemaking efforts of the church at every governing body level and provides an opportunity to witness to God's gift of peace in the world. Gifts given to the Peacemaking Offering through a congregation are divided in the following manner - 25 percent retained by congregations for support of their own peacemaking ministry; 25 percent used to support presbytery and synod peacemaking efforts; and 50 percent forwarded to the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program of the Presbyterian Mission Agency so that it can continue to provide assistance and resources for congregations and other bodies of the PC(USA). Online gifts to the Peacemaking Offering are used on the General Assembly level.

Our local 25% of the 2013 Peacemaking Offering will be used by the Third Church Gun Violence Response Team. For more information about what this team is doing, please visit their FaceBook page by clicking HERE.

Get Involved in the Peacemaking Efforts at Third Church

Faith to Faith

Linc Spaulding
(585)342-9568 or

Peacemaking email list at Third Church

Visit the web page:

Middle East Peace events

Visit the web page
and follow the instructions for joining events.

Peacemaking at Third Church - FAQ

What is the Presbyterian Commitment to Peacemaking?

The Commitment to Peacemaking is a commitment made by the church’s governing body (the Session) or other entity. The Session of Third Church signed the commitment in 1987 along with many other church Sessions in the Genesee Presbytery.

What’s covered by Peacemaking?

Much of what the church does can help promote Peacemaking: worship, bible study, community ministries, response to global issues, making peace with the earth, and other activities.

Is it enough to promote peace?

Peace is not simply the absence of violence. As peacemakers, we are also called to work for justice.

Where do we focus our peacemaking at Third Church?

Peacemaking over the years at Third Church has responded to the times. Focus is important, but over the years our efforts have been a reflection of the problems facing our society and our world. For example, peacemaking at Third Church has included: Amnesty International, Nuclear Freeze, Peacemaking Conferences, presentation of the Peace Child program, political action, Memorial Day Parade marchers, human rights in Latin America, anti-violence work, gun lock distribution, opposition to the death penalty in NY State, the ‘Beyond Racism’ project, Interfaith Dialogue, and Mideast Peace.

Recent efforts by the Peacemaking Mission Team have focused on ways to seek justice. These have included seminars to raise awareness of the resources available in our community to promote "Restorative Justice", and also "Economic Justice", by educating the congregation of the need to relieve the high concentration of poverty in Rochester. Planning is underway in 2015 - 2016 for concrete steps we can take in this area. Stay tuned!