The Corner Place

The Corner Place serves elementary school children in the Upper Monroe community by providing high quality arts education. A collaborative outreach program of Third Presbyterian Church and New Life Presbyterian Church. The Corner Place is a program that seeks to meet the needs of youth and their families from School #35 and the upper Monroe neighborhood in Rochester, NY through academic support, arts enrichment, personal, social and family development in collaboration with community members and groups.

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About The Arts Academy

The goal of the Arts Academy is to create a warm, inclusive, high quality arts program with opportunities for students to expand their learning through instruction from skilled teaching artists working in their chosen discipline. We hope to help our students to make artistic connections and recognize that their voices, through every medium, are appreciated and valued. Everyone resonates with some sort of artistic discipline, whether they appreciate or choose to create it. The arts transcend barriers that may otherwise divide us. The students of Corner Place Arts Academy have the opportunity to learn how to not only express themselves, but to speak the universal language of artistry.

The Corner Place - A brief history

The Corner Place is an outreach center in the heart of Rochester's Upper Monroe neighborhood.  It opened in 1996 on the corner of Monroe Ave. and Suter Terrace as a latch key center for neighborhood children.  Staffed by volunteers from New Life and Third Presbyterian Churches, it served as a critical neighborhood resource until changing demographics and a move to larger quarters called for a re-assessment of programs and priorities.

In the past decade, The Corner Place served the community through the Tutoring Program and the Arts Academy.  It was also a key player in the move toward economic development and revitalization of the  neighborhood.  The Corner Place Director served on the RRDC Design Charrette Committee, as chair of the Design Development Committee for Upper Monroe, and on the Armory Task Force.  We have for many years offered our space to UMNA (neighborhood association) , School #35,  the City, and the Armory Task Force for meetings and civic events. 

In 2002, we re-focused our interest in children by establishing a full time tutoring program within Pinnacle School #35.  That program serves 50% of the school population in one - on - one or classroom tutoring.  Since 2010 a grant from the Rochester Women's Giving Circle has allowed us to add another dimension to the program by focusing on the needs of 3rd & 4th grade  girls in addressing declining math scores. 

Our experience with the children at #35 School also led to the creation of The Corner Place Arts Academy at our Monroe Avenue location. It's purpose is to supplement the academic intervention of the tutoring program and to serve the needs of the “whole child” by providing meaningful and engaging arts education through the excitement of creative learning.  Children learn discipline, teamwork, empathy, and creative problem solving from our talented and diverse faculty.  The Corner Place Arts Academy offers classes in visual arts, music, theater, creative writing and dance.  We collaborate with Rochester's many cultural institutions including RIT to bring more science and math into our classes.  We serve children from several City schools and many zip codes, and our children reflect the diverse population of City Schools.

Programming at The Corner Place Arts Academy

The Corner Place Arts Academy holds classes in the Fall and Spring for roughly six to eight weeks, Tuesdays through Thursdays from 4:00PM to 5:30PM. Wednesdays from 4:00PM to 6:00PM are reserved for third and fourth grade girls only. All elementary school students in the Upper Monroe neighborhood are eligible to participate at a nominal fee for the entire term. Students from the surrounding Rochester areas are permitted to participate, but the fee is $25 per class. Registration forms are available at RCSD School #23, RCSD School #35, the Monroe Public Library and the Monroe YMCA each semester. We provide a supervised escort for students from School #35 to the Academy at the school's dismissal. All students are picked up from the Academy by their families promptly at 6:00PM.

How can you get involved?

Our program relies on volunteers to provide stable, encouraging support to our students. If you have a passion for working with children, and appreciate the value that arts in education brings to further the well-being of our community as a whole, we encourage you to contact us for a possible placement during one of our semesters or upcoming Saturday programs. Volunteers are also needed to help coordinate fundraising and development aspects of our institution. We need individuals who are versed in outreach assistance to help us broaden our resources as well as those who are more paperwork inclined (tasks such as registration and student data entry).


October 20 - December 6

Mondays: Elementary Boys and Girls (1 - 6) Ilustration, Creative Writing for the Stage


Wednesdays: Elementary Girls (3-4) Piece of the Pi


October 22 - December 17

Entrepreneurial Arts with Jewelry Making


Corner Place - Contact Information

The Corner Place Arts Academy is located in the
New Life Presbyterian Church, 243 Rosedale St., Rochester, NY 14620

If you are interested in supporting the Corner Place, please contact
Amy Mangieri - Co-Chair of Steering Committee

Melanie Jones - Co-Chair of Steering Committee

Sarah Peters - Art Academy Director
(585) 705-7277

Rev. Lynette Sparks: Associate Pastor at Third Presbyterian Church
(585)271-6513 ext 106

The Corner Place FAQ


The Corner Place is a program that seeks to meet the needs of youth and their families from School #35 and the upper Monroe neighborhood in Rochester, NY through academic support, arts enrichment, personal, social and family development


We are a community of artistic professionals, volunteers, teaching artists, and our students.


In the New LIfe Presbyterian Church, 243 Rosedale St., Rochester, NY 14620
(NE corner of Monroe Ave. and Rosedale St.)


We do not provide transportation. Students from school 35 are picked up and walked from the school to the academy by the director or an agent of the academy.

Dates and Times:

Fall, Winter and Spring, sessions run typically six to eight weeks in duration. Our semesters generally begin in October, February and May. Our classes are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Don Boyd (Chair, Steering Committee) (585)315-7778

Sarah Peters (Director of Arts Academy) (585)705-7277,


We are always looking for volunteers to work with children as support staff in the classroom for visual arts, dance, music, and theater. Individuals who can create a good rapport with students and have a sense of artistic play are welcome assets in our community. We also need volunteers to help us make connections in marketing, development, and fundraising so that we can continue to serve the children in this community.


Please contact Sarah Peters, the program director, to make a donation.