Outreach at Third Presbyterian Church

Whether you worship regularly at Third Church, or if you are part of the larger community, you can help foster the common good and serve people in need through one of our outreach programs. Together, we work to feed people who are hungry, educate children who are under-resourced, house people who are homeless, advocate for justice, and join with other mission partners in our community and world.

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OutreachSquares_0011_Arts & Enrichment

Arts and Enrichment

OutreachSquares_0010_Christmas Baskets

Christmas Baskets

OutreachSquares_0009_Dining Room Ministry (1)

Dining Room Ministry

OutreachSquares_0008_Disaster Recovery

Disaster Relief


East Avenue Grocery Run


Food Cupboard


Great Schools for All

OutreachSquares_0004_Habitat for Humanity (2)

Habitat for Humanity

OutreachSquares_0002_Kenya Partnership 1

Kenya Partnership

OutreachSquares_0000_Working for Peace

Partnerships and Advocacy





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From Our Outreach Blog

The purpose of this blog is to tell the stories of lives touched and to provoke thoughtful conversation among people passionate about outreach ministries in general and Third Presbyterian Church outreach programs in particular.

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Outlook on Outreach: Habitat@Third (H@T)


People’s Emergency Fund Partners with Family Promise of Greater Rochester

Outreach FAQ

What’s the time commitment for Outreach volunteers?

We have a full range of options, including one-time commitments, monthly commitments, and weekly, recurring roles. Some occur during weekdays, others on weekends or evenings.

What Outreach volunteering opportunities are there for families?

Some meaningful opportunities for families include preparing and serving a hot lunch at our Saturday Dining Room Ministry, adopting a family to provide a Christmas Basket, stocking shelves for our Food Cupboard, helping us set up rooms to host homeless families, working together with our Habitat for Humanity coalition, and going on an intergenerational mission trip.

Does Third Church do any advocacy work?

Yes, we partner with many organizations to advocate for social justice on a variety of issues, particularly around education, poverty, and violence.