Rev Timothy Njoya

On Thursday afternoon we went to meet the Rev Timothy Njoya at the Karinyo Rock Garden he has created over the last 18 years. The Rev Njoya is an internationally known theologian, activist and a friend to Rod Frohman since their days at Princeton Seminary together.

Rev Timothy Njoya

The Rev Njoya had built the buildings and the rock garden with his own hands and they demonstrate his eclectic personality.

Buildings containing Rev Njoya’s office

Next to the buildings is the rock garden built to demonstrate the Law of Love, with a section displaying the path of life, a stone crucification and many other sculptures.

Rev Njoya explained that the wind chime sculptures created with discarded items hanging outside his office which gives the items the opportunity to play the music for god when the wind blows.

There is also a Jacob’s ladder to remind us of the angels ascending and descending.

Rev Njoya has been an activist since his days as a student at Princeton demonstrating against the Vietnam War, being defrocked as a priest by PCEA three time and then being reinstated, arrested and beaten by the Kenyan police and being left for dead when protesting corruption. He has felt a strong call from God to be an advocate for human rights despite the personal cost.

His current focus of activism is women’s rights and equality, in particularly campaigning against female circumcision.

Rev Njoya has written several books including his auto biography, his latest book which has just been published is “The Divinity of the Clitoris” about female circumcision.

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