Resources for Becoming a Savvy Ally

Educator Jeannie Gainsburg was a Sunday Seminar speaker last month, and has offered these additional resources to support your journey to becoming a savvy LGBTQ+ ally!

Savvy Ally Action: Jeannie’s website, which includes links to subscribe to her monthly 3-minute videos, and to purchase her book The Savvy Ally.

Glossary of LGBTQ+ Terms: a pdf of useful terminology

Common LGBTQ+ Etiquette Bloopers: video Jeannie showed during the Seminar, and a pdf, to help you avoid faux pas

How to Mess Up Properly: a pdf of graceful ways to recover when you haven’t been as savvy an ally as you’d like

What’s Up with Singular They?: a video describing all the great reasons to embrace the pronoun they to mean one person.

How to Create Inclusive Workplaces: a pdf with tips for creating LGBTQ+ friendly work environments

Savvy Ally Action YouTube Channel: free 3-minute videos with savvy ally tips!

Savvy Ally Virtual Book Club: a virtual book club running monthly beginning in July, 2021. In partnership with the minority-owned company, Hiitide.