From the More Light Committee: Rainbow Seniors ROC

Rainbow Seniors ROC is an independent nonprofit organization under the sponsorship of Open Arms Metropolitan Community Church. The More Light Committee is pleased to share this resource!

Retirement is great, but life can be a mixed bag as one ages. Loss of a spouse or friends moving away can leave people feeling lonely. Social meetups can become more difficult to arrange. For the LGBTQ+ community this can be especially difficult as many common supports, including family, may be less available in their lives. Furthermore, the needs of the LGBTQ+ senior community have grown even greater during this pandemic. 

This is why we are pleased to introduce Rainbow Seniors ROC, a new LGBTQ+ Senior group in the greater Rochester area. Established in March 2020, their mission is to help seniors live their “best lives,” connected to the community, engaged in enjoyable activities, and securely linked to the social services they need to thrive. Rainbow Seniors ROC is committed to being open and affirming to all LGBTQ+ identities, and consciously embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion. It makes the world richer for all of us. 

Rainbow Seniors has already held many successful, smaller, in-person or virtual gatherings. Now plans are underway for their first big event: the 2021 Rainbow Seniors Pride Picnic on Sunday July 11, 11:00am-7:00pm, in Genesee Valley Park, at the Roundhouse. 

LGBTQ+ seniors, age 50 and older, are invited to join the Rainbow Seniors ROC family. You may contact them by email to receive a monthly calendar newsletter. Don’t forget to join the Rainbow Seniors ROC Facebook group, too!