After several months of soliciting members of the congregation (unsuccessfully!) to take over management of the Peoples’ Emergency Fund from retiring Gale Myers, the Outreach Committee has come to an agreement with RAIHN/Family Promise of Greater Rochester to be the designated provider of rent assistance and eviction avoidance support.

“This arrangement will allow us to continue to direct these funds to families with great need,” said Outreach Chair Tom Gillett. “We would have preferred to keep the management of the rent assistance program within Third, but we simply do not have that capacity.”

RAIHN, now titled Family Promise of Greater Rochester, is a long-time partner of Third Church, which has been a host congregation for many years. “RAIHN’s eviction avoidance program is highly regarded in the community,” said Gillett. “Assistance to those in need goes beyond just writing a check. There is sustained support over the next year. RAIHN’s procedures ensure rigorous accountability for these funds.”

A six-month agreement between Third Church and RAIHN was approved by Session in early March. The arrangement calls for Third to provide $2000 each month to RAIHN to support needy families. RAIHN will issue quarterly reports of data to our Outreach Committee. The Peoples’ Emergency Fund will continue to welcome donations to support this partnership. Some PEF donations will be retained by Third for direct assistance to Third members in need.