People’s Emergency Fund Partners with Family Promise of Greater Rochester

As announced in last month’s Messenger, Third Church has reached an agreement with Family Promise of Greater Rochester (formerly RAIHN) to administer our People’s Emergency Fund. We can now offer additional details about this exciting partnership.

The Session approved a six-month trial agreement calling for Third Church to provide $2,000 each month for Family Promise’s eviction prevention program. Family Promise will issue quarterly reports detailing the use of the funds to our Outreach Committee. Just as before, the People’s Emergency Fund will continue to welcome donations to help people in need of rental or utilities assistance. Monies raised in excess of the monthly allocation to Family Promise will be retained by Third Church for direct assistance to church members in need.

“Family Promise’s eviction avoidance program is highly regarded in the community,” said Tom Gillett, Chair of the Outreach Committee. “Assistance to those in need goes beyond just writing a check; case managers provide sustained support over a full year, which is more than Third Church could provide for recipients and which produces better long-term outcomes. Family Promise’s procedures ensure rigorous accountability for these funds.”

Third Church is thrilled to have found a solution that will allow PEF to continue, and even to be more effective than before, through this partnership.