Pastoral Transition Update, March 2021

Conley Zomermaand, Interim Pastor/Head of Staff

It may seem like a rather small advance from Step 5 to Step 6, but it is really a huge leap for Third Church humankind! Though it took longer than one might imagine to get from Step 1 to the present, I would bet (if I were a betting person) that a much shorter amount of time will pass before you all reach Step 9!! What’s the big change? Your Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is elected and fully functioning these days. Because of the hard work the Mission Study Team has accomplished, the PNC will be able to move expeditiously through the final important steps. Remember to keep them in your prayers. They are: Glenna Curren, Clive Daunton, Ry Foye, Murie Gillett, Melanie Jones, Jeremy Peters, Kate Orem, Peg Rachfal, Michael Singh, Lea Theuer, and Maddie Veitch.