Pastoral Transition Update, April 2021

Conley Zomermaand, Interim Pastor/Head of Staff

Your Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is empowered and fully functioning these days. They are meeting on a weekly basis and expect to move to Step 7 in April. That’s when the “fun” really begins as candidates jump into the mix, even if only by way of their resumés. The PNC will quickly receive dozens, if not a hundred or more, Pastor Information Forms (PIFs). A more-manageable number of suitable candidates will rise to the top of pile. Remember to keep the members of the PNC in your prayers as they travel through this crucial time: Glenna Curren, Clive Daunton, Ry Foye (Vice-Moderator), Murie Gillett (Tech/Communications Officer), Melanie Jones, Jeremy Peters (Chaplain), Kate Orem, Peg Rachfal (Moderator), Michael Singh, Lea Theuer, and Madeline Veitch.