Partnerships and Advocacy

Working for Peace in the World

We support the Presbyterian Commitment to Peacemaking, which calls us to be peacemakers through worship, prayer and bible study, global security, study and response to global issues, receiving the Peace and Global Witness Offering, making peace on earth, and peacemaking in families and in community living.

As peacemakers, we are all called in many ways to seek peace and justice. The Peacemaking Program of the Presbyterian Church (USA) helps with interpretive resources. We join with like-minded people of faith in support of economic justice, anti-violence, and restorative justice initiatives in our community and in the world.

Partnerships and Advocacy Contact Information

Rev Tedd Pullano

Stated Supply Associate Pastor for Congregational Care and Outreach
[email protected]
585-271-6537, ext. 106

Middle East Peace

Israel-Palestine Education and Action Team (I-Peace) is a newly formed group working for a just peace in the lands of Israel-Palestine. We educate ourselves, our church and the broader Rochester community, and we are activists at the local and global level. We partner with like-minded organizations.

Christians Witnessing for Palestine

Christians Witnessing for Palestine provides a Christian perspective to the quest for peace, guided by concern for universal human rights and respect for international law.

"Witness Palestine" Film Series

"Witness Palestine" is an annual Rochester film series whose goal is to help the public understand the issues and to see beyond stereotypes of the people in the region. "Witness Palestine" is an interfaith effort, with support from Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities.

Fair Trade Products from Palestine

Fair trade products from the West Bank are a way for us to promote economic justice for the Palestinian people. I-Peace periodically offers fair tradePalestinian olive oil and other products at Fellowship Hour.

Peace and Global Witness Offering

The Peace and Global Witness Offering is traditionally received on World Communion Sunday, usually the first Sunday in October. The offering supports the peacemaking efforts of the church at every governing body level and provides an opportunity to witness to God's gift of peace in the world. We retain 25 percent of the offering for our own peacemaking activities; the remaining 75 percent supports regional and national peacemaking programs of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Advocating for Justice

We define advocacy as actions taken on behalf of others in accordance with Jesus’ teachings. Our advocacy efforts focus on hunger, homelessness, education, racial justice, LGBTQ justice, and gun violence. We work with other community groups and political leaders to educate the public and present petitions for change. We educate our members through adult education classes and community forums. We partner with other community/religious groups. We regularly meetings with political and community leaders to share our views and present petitions of support or for change.

Cameron Community Ministries

We support Cameron Community Ministries with hands-on and financial support. Cameron supports youth and families in the Lyell-Otis neighborhood.