Habitat for Humanity

We are excited to be agents of hope by helping to build new homes in the JOSANA neighborhood through Flower City Habitat for Humanity. We also help form and fund coalitions for this work.

Want to help?



Do you know of a group or organization outside of Third Church that would be interested in joining a coalition? If so, please contact Tom below.

Habitat for Humanity Contact Information

Tom Gillett

Chair, Habitat for Humanity at Third Pres.


What work is the coalition currently doing?

Construction is currently underway at a house at 96 Holworthy St. The house is being built by the Harvest Home/Thrivent Coalition of which Third Presbyterian is a founding member. This construction is the third house the coalition has built since 2015, and the eleventh house Third has helped build since 2009; another Harvest Home/Thrivent house is scheduled for construction in 2020. 

How can I sign up to volunteer?

The easiest way to volunteer to work on a Habitat house is by visiting the Flower City Habitat for Humanity website and clicking the green “Volunteer” button.