Dining Room Ministry

Every Saturday at 11:30am rotating teams of volunteers cook and serve a warm, nutritious, and delicious meal to guests from our Rochester community. We serve over 3,000 meals per year to people of all ages. Our guests are economically diverse and include people experiencing homelessness as well as people living on low or fixed incomes. Meal planners and shoppers make sure that all food, whether brought from store or garden or bulk order, is available in the kitchen each Saturday morning. DRM teams prepare, cook, serve and clean-up for each meal.

Dining Room Ministry Team Schedule

Dining Room Ministry Contact Information

Renee Clarke-Peters

DRM Co-chair, volunteer coordination

Ginnie Bachelor and Karen Kingsbury

DRM Co-chairs, food procurement

Tedd Pullano

Associate Pastor
[email protected]
585-271-6513 x106

Dining Room Ministry FAQ

Where can I get more information about DRM?

How are the planners and shoppers scheduled?

Currently, our planners and shoppers work on a rotation, serving 1-month periods, 3 times a year. Yearly schedules are created based on availability of our volunteers. Some of our volunteers have elected to do both the planning and shopping.

What tasks are involved to prepare a DRM meal?

Volunteer tasks may include: setting tables, preparing salads and vegetables, cooking, making coffee, serving meals to our guests, washing dishes, pots and pans, cleaning tables in the dining area and kitchen, putting things away. Every team has experienced volunteers and leaders who will provide direction for new members of the team. For many of us the highlight is interacting with our guests and welcoming them into our community. There is a lot to do and lots of fun to be had!

What if I have a conflict and can’t serve with my team on a scheduled date?

You can work with your team leader to find a substitute. We have a list of reliable subs who can replace you. Some team members contact friends from other teams to swap with them. There are lots of ways to find a sub.

How long do people serve on DRM teams?

Some people have been serving on a DRM team since the beginning of our program in 1991. Others have just recently joined. We usually ask people to plan on serving for at least a year and they usually stay a lot longer. You can serve as long as you want.

What is the time commitment required for each Saturday meal?

Volunteers arrive around 10:00 a.m. and depart around 1:00 p.m. each Saturday. Special meals or special holidays may alter this time a bit, but meals are always served at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday.

How often do DRM teams work during the year?

There are 10 DRM teams and each works every 10 weeks, about 5 times per year. An annual schedule is published each year and indicates when each team is assigned to work.

Do I have to join a DRM team to volunteer?

No, you can volunteer just once or on special holidays. Just contact one of the DRM Coordinators to set up a time.