Community in Many Ways


On Sunday, June 21 during our 10:00am live-streamed worship service, we celebrated the ordination, installation, and commissioning of elders, deacons, and trustees.  This is such a meaningful part of the Presbyterian faith, and so it was a disappointment not to be together in person.  With creativity and an extension of the Sanctuary to ‘pews’ around our region, however, we welcomed a new class of officers.

We installed previously ordained elders and deacons:

Ralph Carter and Karen Walker (elders) and Nancy Adams, Christie Lutzer, Susan Parmalee, Wendy Shellman, Sylvia Pedrick, and Zach Zeh (deacons)

We commissioned trustees:

Susan Fox, Bill Jones, Jason Curtis-Leist, Joyce Parker, and Stephen Zuegel

These elders and deacons were ordained in our Sanctuary following social distancing protocols:

Kevin Dolohanty (elder) and Robb Adams, Deb Lenssen and Suzanne Woodring (deacons)

These elders were ordained at their homes with family or friends who are ordained PC(USA) Elders serving to lay on hands on behalf of the community of faith:

Vicky Austin (elder) with Renee Clarke-Peters (pictured above), Jenny Bay (elder) with Bill Bay, Dave Brugger (elder) with Jeff Tomkinson, Heidi Friederich (elder) with Jean Whitney, Russell West (elder) with Betsy Marvin

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” Matthew 18:20