“New Life” for Corner Place

Armstong Room

The Armstrong Room is ready to welcome students.

Many hands make light work seems to be the theme of the big move for the Corner Place Arts Academy from 969 Monroe to our kitty-corner neighbor, New Life Church. We took the cabinets and work sink out of our old location and refitted them for our new art room, and spent hours upon hours moving art materials, furniture, and organized everything in our new home. Tracy Walker supervised the first phase of the move and, coordinated the upgrades of flooring, coordinating the contracting services, and organized members of Third and myself (Bill Jones, Robb Adams, Michael Fisher, Rich, Sue, and Henry Fox, Don Boyd, Lynette and Brad Sparks) to coordinate the removal of all items. After many days of sorting, packing, and moving, we finally made it over to New Life with a week to spare before we began classes.

The second phase of the project was coordinating all the materials into functioning and well-organized space. Robert Rogalski lead the effort in creating order out of chaos. Don Boyd, Michael Fisher, and I helped to secure Roberts’ vision of an easily accessible art room and shared space office. Generous members of the artist and local community, Robert Rogalski, and Michael Fisher, and Duane offered their time and effort to bring the the final phase of the arts academy to completion. To secure brighter lights and more efficient ventilation, a capacity building grant has been submitted to the Arts and Cultural Council, so keep your fingers crossed!

The benefits of this new location include access to a larger art room, a central meeting space, a larger dance and theatre performance space, and the support of the New Life community. We are delighted to take this step forward in our “New Life” as a burgeoning community center with hopes to expand our services in the near future.

Sarah Peters
Corner Place, Arts Academy Director

Armstong Room

Armstrong Room with new tile floor and new sink

Armstrong Room

Armstrong Room with new sink, counters, and lots of materials to be sorted, organized, and stored

Armstrong Room

Another view of the Armstrong Room with new counters, and lots of materials to be sorted, organized, and stored

Armstrong Room

After lots of work, everything is sorted and in its place


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