Words of gratitude from some of our members:

Bell Ringing

After many months of Zoom meetings, Third Church Ringers finally offered live music in the church service this past weekend. Hearing the beautiful Sanctuary fill with bell, chime, organ, and choral music was heart-warming. What a blessing to be meeting in person and sharing music with God and the church community!

Sarah Sander (Third Church Ringers)

Chancel Choir

I joined the Chancel Choir of Third Church in the mid-90s. I have been musically and spiritually enriched by singing with Peter. He chooses such a great variety of repertoire—some quite challenging!—and I have enjoyed learning new anthems. It was a great joy for me to learn of the ‘choir boot camp’ last summer (a time of intense retraining to counteract some of the effect of the many months the choir was unable to sing together), and even more wonderful to be joined by my fellow singers!  On our first Sunday singing in the Sanctuary, I was still recognized by members of the congregation – even while wearing a mask!

In addition, I recently joined the Celebration Ringers, which uses different musical skills.  Jean and James are excellent leaders of this group and I am enjoying making music in a new way for me.

Helen Tiss (Chancel Choir & Celebration Ringers)

Junior Choir Update

For the first time since March 2020, the Moot Room has been filled with the glorious sound of Junior Choir rehearsals on a Wednesday afternoon. It has been heartwarming to see many of our younger members come back to in-person music making. We have begun a new curriculum which not only involves bell ringing and singing, but musicianship skills and worship education. The Children’s Music Ministry Task Force is hard at work as we begin to think how this important ministry can better serve the congregation we are today, and what we might become in the future. All this is to say, we’re very excited! We particularly look forward to these children being involved in worship leadership on Sunday, November 7. 

We have a few spaces for anyone who would like to join us (Grades 2-5). If you’d like to learn more about what we’re up to, please contact Associate Director of Music/Organist James Kealey (jkealey@thirdpresbyterian.org) for more information.



Our concert season continues with a Chamber Music recital on November 21, 3:00pm and a Christmas concert on December 19, 3:00pm. Watch the Congregational Update and the events page of our website for more details!