Mrs. Najah’s Kitchen

In December, at the behest of the I-PEAce team, the Outreach Committee agreed to send a small gift—$500—to support Mrs. Najah’s Kitchen, an all-women run, non-profit hunger program in Rafah, in the southern-most part of Gaza. Gaza retains is vibrant Palestinian culture despite immense human suffering, including 50% unemployment, Covid-19 and hunger.

Mrs. Najah’s Gaza Emergency Meals program cooks and delivers 800 hot, nutritious, protein-based meals four days a week, feeding 5,600 people a week. In the process, Mrs. Najah’s Kitchen provides steady jobs for 20 women, mostly refugees.

The I-PEAce team hopes this gift will be a first step in building a longer-term relationship with Mrs. Najah and the city of Rafah. Who knows what God has in mind as we reach outside our church building to connect with the global community?