Make your own Mardi Gras Celebration!

The Congregational Fellowship committee is sad to not be hosting our traditional pancake supper next Tuesday.  We will for sure all be humming dixieland jazz as we long to hear the music of the Meigs Street Ramblers.  While we are counting the days until we can have Mardi Gras in person (Tuesday, March 1, 2022–but who’s counting??) we wanted to share a bit of a Third Church ‘trade secret’ so that you can make the delicious pancakes.  It is a three step process–so get ready:

  • Using your favorite pancake recipe, replace the water called for with lemon-lime soda (those bubbles are what make our pancakes so fluffy!)

  • Add an extra 1-2t of vanilla extract for that extra kick of sweetness

  • In the kitchen, ‘The Arnold Park Flippers’ are always laughing or joking around, so put on a movie or podcast that will get you giggling, or bring in other members of your bubble to help out and multiply the fun!

(And for your puzzling pleasure, the Congregational Fellowship has created a special Mardi Gras word search that can be found here.)