It beats dumping ice water on your head….

How many of you participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS this summer? 
Whether you wrote a check, dumped ice on yourself, or laughed at others who got soaked, you witnessed the power of peer-to-peer fundraising!  This simple idea of challenging friends to contribute to a great cause has raised more than $90 million for ALS. Incredible!
Here at Third Church, we have an important cause of our own – feeding hungry people – through our dining room ministry, food cupboard, Foodlink and other area food pantries. The East Avenue Grocery Run is a fun way to raise awareness and money for this very important cause. In fact, our sponsors, runners, walkers and volunteers have helped raise over $65,000 in the last four years.
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But this year – we’re adding an exciting new element to the Grocery Run – peer-to-peer online fundraising!
Everyone who cares about helping the hungry in Rochester is invited to create an online fundraising page here. 
In less than a minute, you can create a page describing your desire to feed hungry people, set a fundraising goal,  and send a link to your friends and family through email and social media. They in turn, will see your smiling face asking for support, and click to donate. 
We’re hoping every Third Church runner, walker and volunteer will create a page and reach out to others asking them to contribute. Every dollar we receive of their tax deductible contribution will help feed hungry people right here in Rochester. 
And the best part is, you don’t need to dump ice on your head!

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