Interfaith Advent Olive Oil Sale

Advent is fast approaching and your I-PEAce Team is again hosting a sale of Palestinian olive oil and related goods for the gift-giving season. The sale of these high-quality, fair trade, artisanal products supports the livelihood and way of life of small Palestinian farmers living in the midst of conflict. This year we will be joining five other Rochester area churches of various denominations, making the sale our first ever Interfaith Olive Oil Sale.  Orders are easily made online: here. Orders are due by November 14, and will be ready for and in-person pickup on December 5, 1:00-3:00pm in the Arnold Park lot. 

At this time, we can ONLY accept payment by personal check. Checks should be made out to “One World Goods,” our local supplier of Al’Ard olive oil and related goods. Product information and prices can be found below.  Enjoy the taste of this excellent, extra virgin olive oil or give it to your favorite friend as a Christmas present, knowing you are supporting a good cause.

There are many stories behind this year’s olive oil sale.  Of course, the main story line continues to be support of the small farmers in the Nablus area of the West Bank of Israel/Palestine who source the Al’Ard Company, our supplier ( or  Al’Ard was founded more than 10 years ago to support under-privileged farmers by providing them with equipment and knowledge to have their products serve a global market.  

Another story is the interfaith, ecumenical nature of this year’s sale.  Presbyterian, Baptist, and United Church of Christ congregations, have banded together for the sale.  Third Church has a long tradition of ecumenicism here in Rochester, and the Advent olive oil sale is just one more example of this effort.

There are other stories as well, such as how farmers produce superior olive products from ancient groves–some of the trees are over 2,000 years old (saplings at the time of Christ!); how Al’Ard, as a certified fair trade supplier, promotes environmental sustainability and gender equality; and how the purchasing power of people a continent away can support a way of life for Palestinian artisanal farmers.  You are indeed supporting a good cause.

Products and costs:

Extra virgin olive oil (250 ml)–$10
Extra virgin olive oil (500 ml)–$18
Organic extra virgin olive oil (250 ml)–$14
Organic extra virgin olive oil (500 ml)–$24
Za’atar (226g)–$10
Freekeh (500g)–$8
Olives (580g)–$12
Maftoul (450g)–$9