Guidelines for Submissions to the Congregational Update

Please send submissions to Grady Butler IV.

When submitting content for the Update, please ensure that what you’ve written is “print-ready,” meaning proof-read, succinct, and with functional hyperlinks.

Whenever possible, please also submit a relevant photograph to accompany your text.

We WILL Include:

  • Events (only of the types below) up to three weeks in advance.
  • Events officially hosted/sponsored by Third Church or a committee of Third Church
  • Events officially presented in partnership with Third Church or a committee of Third Church
  • Events hosted by the Presbytery
  • Internal announcements (about congregational life)

We WILL NOT Include:

  • Events that “belong” to other organizations (even organizations with which we are affiliated)
  • Curated content lists
  • Events that will occur four or more weeks in the future

Everything on the “will not include” list can be shared to the Third Church Community facebook group instead.