Make a Pledge

Each year, members and friends of Third Church are invited to make a pledge to support the church’s annual operating needs. The pledge is a commitment to sharing some of your financial resources to further the work of the church. Please use the form below to indicate what you plan to give in 2022.

  • If this is a joint pledge
  • Yes! I commit to offering financial support for the mission and ministry of Third Church, in the amount of:

  • Please enter the total amount you intend to give for the full year. If, for example, you plan to give $200 per month, enter $2,400 ($200 times 12 months). If you plan to give $50 per week, enter $2,600 ($50 times 52 weeks).
  • Please enter the total amount you intend to give for the $37 per capita payments that Third Church makes to the Presbytery and larger denomination. Enter $37 if paying for one member, $74 if paying for two, $111 if paying for three, etc.
  • Additional Options

If some statistical information from last year will help you in the discernment process, see below!

The average (mean) pledge was $2,592.
The most frequently pledged amount (mode) was $1,200.
The median pledge was also $1,200.

For several years now, the pledge participation rate has been dropping while the average gift amount has been rising. This means that an ever smaller number of households are pledging each year (only 333 in 2021), but that these households’ pledges are, on average, larger.

While our average pledge amount has increased in recent years, this increase is primarily driven by a small number of large pledges, not by an increase at middle giving levels. Both the mode and the median pledge amounts have recently remained stagnant at $1,200. This means that of pledging households, the greatest number have pledged $1,200 ($100/month) for several years running. It also means that the church’s financial vitality increasingly depends on a small number of large gifts—a precarious situation.

In 2021:

  • 13 households pledged $10,000 or more. Almost 30% of the total dollars pledged for 2021 were from just these 13 households.
  • 75 households pledged $1,200 - 2,399. While this is our largest pledge group, it contributed 14% of the total dollars.
  • 17 households pledged $6,000 - 9,000. This much smaller group also contributed 14% of the total.
  • Several pledges were made under $120, many of which were from teens and young adults. Although this group’s contribution was less than 1% of the total dollars pledged, their participation was critically important, and increasing participation, even at the lowest giving levels, is vital for future ministry.

Any pledge, of any amount, helps support the work of the church.
Thank you for considering how you can help Third Church sustain its mission.