Give to the Third Church Endowment

Financial Contributions & Endowment

The Third Church Endowment is an accumulation of gifts over many decades that supports the ongoing life of the congregation.

Third Church's Endowment Fund was built by gifts, large and small, from our members who have gone before us. They have given for so many personal reasons - to make perpetual their personal participation in the congregation's work in this community; because they knew that our inspirational place of worship can never be replaced at future costs and so must be maintained with help from those who have built and loved it in the past; or because they know that our aspirations for outreach funds may always be just beyond reach and that an endowment gift's additions will therefore always be needed and put to the best possible use.

There are many ways in which you might consider adding to this Endowment. There are tax benefits to consider, and increase-of-income benefits, and - oh, yes - the wonderful benefit of knowing that you have made an act of faith for the perpetual benefit of your church and your community.

  • Outright Gifts
  • Deferred Outright Gifts
  • Deferred Gifts with Important Benefits to the Donor

Lilian Alexander Circle

By inviting those who include Third Church in their planned giving to join the Lilian Alexander Endowment Leadership Circle, we honor our past as we prepare for our future. Lilian Alexander served with distinction on the Third Church Session. She authored the overture, approved by the Presbyterian General Assembly in 1955, that paved the way for women to be ordained to Presbyterian ministry. Third Church seeks to recognize those who have made commitments to planned giving. If you have arranged to make a deferred gift that is expected to take effect sometime in the future, please consider telling us of it now so that your act may serve as testimony and inspiration to others to do the same. Thank you so much.

Restrictions and Conditions

Gifts made "for endowment" permanently prohibit the spending of the capital, but the income, as provided by law, may be used as the Session and Trustees see the needs from time to time. Gifts made with conditions or stated restrictions as to use can be problematic: they may be too inflexible or too costly to administer and therefore may have to be refused. Accordingly, any proposed restriction on use (unless very broad, e.g., "for building maintenance", "for the music fund", "for outreach") should be discussed in advance.

Contact Us

Third Church cannot give legal or tax advice, for which you should consult your own advisor. However, there are volunteer members of the church who are knowledgeable about the giving techniques described here. They will willingly help you with your questions or further details, or can discuss special situations such as real estate gifts or gifts with conditions or restrictions. Call Carol Foster at 585-271-6537, ext. 111, or John Wilkinson at 585-271-6537, ext. 105 to arrange a call or meeting.