From the Anti-Racism Team

A week of Gratitude:

Gratitude to Rev. William Wlikinson for reminding us that in 1999 the PC(USA), in its Facing Racism Paper called for each member to be trained in anti-racism.

Gratitude for our Session, Trustees and Deacons partaking in the anti-racism small group series.

• The Book of Order, Section G-11.0103aa, provides for presbyteries to address issues of racism. In partnership with the General Assembly, presbyteries need to recruit, train, and commission presbytery-based antiracism teams that will work with congregations in establishing and supporting antiracism programs and ministries.

• Presbyteries need to provide for antiracism training for their staff and committees.

(p. 10. Facing Racism: A Vision of The Beloved Community)

Gratitude to the faith collaborative RocACTS, celebrating another year of bringing congregations together to act for justice. Please join in our Ice Cream Social celebration on Sunday August 29 from 3-5 at St. James Church, 130 Brett road!  Come meet the new Board of Directors, renew relationships, and make new friends!  Masks are required outdoors if unvaccinated and everyone needs to wear masks indoors.

Gratitude to our denomination for the Week of Action August 23-29. Themed “Shades of Oppression, Resistance and Liberation.”  The many virtual events are centered on being a visible arm of justice in our communities around the denomination as we stand on the foundations of both Matthew 25 and the Hands & Feet Initiative.