Family Promise (Formerly RAIHN) Update

Sincere thanks to all of Third Church’s volunteers for supporting FIVE families with food and gift cards during our 69th Family Promise rotation which begins February 27th.  You persist in helping families in a housing crisis with seemingly nowhere to turn, and doing so in a non-traditional way from how we typically host.  Collectively, we continue to make an important difference in peoples’ lives.

Check out the following articles:, by Cynthia Griffith – Why People in Positions of Power Chose Homelessness

“People are right that homelessness is absolutely a choice. But the common mistake is not realizing that it’s a choice made by policymakers, not the people deprived of housing. It’s a choice made by those in power.” (video) – Solutions to Racial Disparities in Housing

A Tale of Two Cities: Redlining and Racist Policies in Rochester, NY, hosted by TEDxRochester and Levine Center to End Hate.  What is the local impact of redlining? When we know our own neighborhood history, we are better equipped to take action in achieving FPGROC’s vision of a community where affordable, decent, equitable housing is seen as a human right and every family has a place to call home.