COVID-19 Update

There have now been more than 240 entrants to the church building since we began asking everyone to sign-in for the purpose of contact tracing! We have revised the registration procedure slightly to better fit the ‘NY Forward Safety Plan Template’ that we are required to have on file when we officially re-open.

All entrants to the church must wear a mask or cloth covering over their nose and mouth, and proceed to the self check-in and test station in the Meigs Street lobby. Instructions are provided; everyone must sign in and sign out, measure their forehead temperature with the provided touchless digital thermometer, and confirm that they have not experienced other symptoms. Anyone with a forehead temperature of 100.4 F or greater, and anyone who answers “yes” to any of the symptom questions, should leave the building promptly and seek medical attention. The most current updates for our response to the COVID-19 pandemic will always be found in the weekly Thursday Update newsletter.

For the immediate future, all committees and groups should assume continued closure of the church building, and should not plan any in-person gatherings. The COVID-19 Task Force and the Session will keep abreast of all pandemic-related developments, and will keep the congregation apprised of their decisions.