Covenant and Fellowship

Baraka Church

“What a fellowship, what a joy divine…” The exuberant choir at Baraka church sang this on Sunday and Rev Kibarra preached on covenant. Our days are full of examples of covenant and fellowship from the people of Kihumo parish, not only of the covenant God has made with them, and they with God, but also the strong covenant they have made to care for and proclaim God’s love to each other. Members support each other and know each other well in these congregations, and have welcomed us with such warmth and friendship.

Worship at Baraka is so joyful! We may have been singing some familiar hymns, but we had trouble keeping up with the dancing! When friends greet one another, they will exclaim “Jesus is my Lord and Savior” or “I love God!” Their faith is always evident and prayer is an important part of fellowship, family and even their work lives. We have also learned the fist bumps, hand claps, shoulder bumps and hugs which make each greeting joyful!

What would our lives look like if every new encounter begin with a statement of faith? Would we treat each other with caring and respect if we prayed together and greeted each other as children of God? Could we make our world a better place if our faith journey was the most important part of ourselves?

Men’s Fellowship group
Dinner at Francis and Esther’s home

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