Confused about Per Capita? No Longer!

In the PC(USA), each congregation has the responsibility of helping to support the work of the denomination. Third Church carries out this responsibility by submitting a small sum per person, called per capita, on behalf of every member of the congregation. That money is then divided among the Presbytery of Genesee Valley, the Synod of the Northeast, and the national General Assembly, with the local presbytery receiving the largest portion.

This year, the rate per person is $37. As there were approximately 1,000 individuals on our membership rolls at the close of the last year, Third Church will contribute more than $37,000 in per capita monies in 2021.* You can help defray this expense by pledging to contribute your own or your family’s per capita amount, knowing that Third Church will contribute the full sum whether you make that pledge or not. When you make your pledge, you’ll see that making a per capita contribution is listed as an option. The Generosity & Gratitude Committee warmly invites you to help Third Church meet its responsibilities to the larger church by making a per capita contribution.

*Note: per capita applies only to official members of the congregation—children who have not yet been confirmed and folks who participate but have not formally joined are not counted toward the per capita total.