Children’s Ministry Update, July/August 2021

During these summer months, our attention is focused on this fall when we reimagine what our children’s ministry will look like for this year!  In our recent parent survey, parents shared stories of faith formation they experienced at home during the pandemic, and we were so touched by their responses!  Some highlights:

  • Creating video submissions for the Festival of the Nativity on Christmas Eve and the Hallelujah chorus at Easter as a family project
  • Engaging remotely in virtual manners with Sunday School and Junior choir, and the parent portal videos.
  • Reading “Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible” (which we were able to give to each Sunday School Family this year thanks to an enduring endowment gift) as a bedtime ritual.
  • Creating new holiday rituals–one family shared that without the rush of getting ready for church on Easter, they were able to engage with the story with a ‘resurrection rolls’ baking project for both this year and last year
  • LOTS of family discussions around faith, from bath time insights by preschoolers and daily life conversations comparing God’s protection to the protection of sunscreen, to more complex conversations around justice, diversity and inclusion and God’s love for ALL people
  • And much, much more!

While we are excited to be together this fall, we are equally excited that a positive side effect of the pandemic has been more opportunities for families to engage with the Story together at home!