Children’s Ministry

If you walked onto the top floor of the Education building on a Sunday morning in the 9:00am hour, you would find one long, bright, and breezy room along the Arnold Park side of the building. Taking advantage of the flexibility that the doors offer, we have created one long classroom for faith formation for Third Church families.

Ellie, seated on her mom’s lap (her baby brother is down in the nursery with Mrs. Parmelee), shyly answers Miss Becky’s opening question. Then Mrs. Roach invites parents and children alike to join in her skit that pulls our story of the day into our exploration of the challenge in Matthew 25.

You might see Mary and teen helper Abby making lunch bag puppets to act out the morning’s story (with Katie nearby practicing her narrator lines). You’d notice Eva on the rug near the bookshelf being read a book on creation by her mom, while nearby, Margaret is retelling the morning’s story to Miss Becky in her most dramatic voice.

Mrs. Monrad circulates, making sure everyone has the supplies they need. Brooke is drawing a table of food for her imaginary dinner party while her pre-school brother Luke and her mom play on the carpet next to her.

Over in the corner, your eye would for sure be drawn to the collage depicting welcome that Virginia, Millie, and Ruthie created while their parents chatted with each other, and with the mom of Callie and Kendall. Those two girls are busy acting out the story with the creative play boxes, and Zekiel is doing the same with his family at another table!

Yes, Sunday school sure is different this year, and yes, Sunday school sure is a lot of fun!

Pictured above: a collage depicting welcome. Pictured at right: a crafted representation of the burning bush.