Calling all RAIHN Volunteers

Our 64th rotation starts January 10! We continue to shelter families in hotels, and volunteer opportunities range from dropping off staples at RAIHN’s Day Center for our week, to providing…

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COVID-19 Update

The church is currently in Phase 2 of our four-part re-opening plan. Worship continues to be held online only; gatherings of up to 50 people are allowed for life events…

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Your Giving Sustains Us All

These last months have confirmed what we already knew; that this is a very generous congregation. What is especially noteworthy, however, is the way many of you have used your…

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Spreading Warmth

Fleece Blanket

The volunteers in the Third Presbyterian Food Cupboard and Thirds church staff know that sometimes food is not enough.

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Rescued From the Street

Mother and child on the sidewalk

Many families are only one unexpected major expense away from being homeless. Thankfully RAIHN helps to get them back on their feet.

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