Joys and Concerns

Building a Culture of Care

Jesus Christ bids us to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. Third Church continually seeks ways to care for one another and connect with one another. We also seek to be in prayer for one another, lifting up joys and concerns in ways that recognize and seek out God’s providential care.

The Deacons of Third Presbyterian Church serve as the congregation’s Prayer Cordon, surrounding members and friends in prayer as requested. They also lead the congregation in prayer for those on our prayer list during the weekly “Invitation to Prayer.”

If you have a prayer concern, for yourself or another, you may request prayer by contacting:

Jane Carden
(585)271-6517 ext 107


Unless noted as confidential, prayer requests will be added to the Third Church Congregational Prayer List. This list is updated each week and made available in the church office.