Calling all RAIHN Volunteers

Our 64th rotation starts January 10! We continue to shelter families in hotels, and volunteer opportunities range from dropping off staples at RAIHN’s Day Center for our week, to providing Wegman’s or other cards for families to shop for groceries (breakfasts are provided by the Comfort Inn in Greece).

Helpful information:

  • All active volunteers will receive an email with details.
  • If you have not yet volunteered and are interested in joining this critical and growing mission, please contact Lou Loggi or Laurie Mahoney.
  • Basic RAIHN training is now virtual.
  • Donations of money are always appreciated as they help to defray shelter-in-hotel expenses.
  • RAIHN continues to accept donations of household goods to help families as they move into independent housing; please inquire with Lou or Laurie.

We also support RAIHN families after they move to independent housing through RAIHN’s Aftercare & Stabilization program. YOU generously continue to provide Christmas baskets for these RAIHN families. Furthermore, RAIHN’s Prevention, Diversion, & Rehousing Program has helped approximately 90 families avoid eviction.

Thank you for all you do for our families with your time, your financial support, and your prayers.