Be Our Guest

by Ty Albee
DRM mealI headed out for lunch on a cold Saturday morning in January, trying a new-to-me place I’d heard good things about!

Upon my arrival the door was opened for me and I was greeted with a kind hello. As I made my way down the stairs I could smell something good was cooking, leading me by the nose like in those old Looney Tunes cartoons. At the foot of the stairs, I was welcomed again with a “come in, it’s a good meal today”. We hear a lot about donating or volunteering with the DRM crew and the numbers of folks fed via this outreach; however, from the other side of the plate there are so many stories to be told if you show up Saturday at 11:30am for lunch.

I took a seat next to a gentleman sitting contently by himself; he seemed just as content with my presence. I told him it was my first time here and we engaged in some wonderful conversation as I watched my coffee cup refilling, every time it got low, without having to ask. A few moments later my lunch was in front of me: salad, breaded chicken breast, corn and bread. Now, the chicken was moist and delicious; my lunch companion agreed and said the food is always pretty good here.

Looking around it was so great to see a restaurant type atmosphere; at each of the other tables, people enjoyed themselves, and knew each other. Could I have gone to lunch on Park Ave.? Absolutely. But could I table-hop and just engage freestyle? Absolutely not.

My lunch companion told me he grew up in Rochester, has a soon to be 34 year old son who also lives here in the city. He’s been back and forth a few times between here and Florida though he prefers NY. I asked if he dines here often; he said. “Not every week but I do come enough to know people.” We ate and talked for about a half hour, I think that filled me more than my lunch.

Seated behind me was a young boy and his Dad. Though I wasn’t meaning to overhear them, I did overhear an awful lot of laughter!

You really can count on leaving feeling unlike you would having dined anywhere else. Maybe if you’re lucky you will even enjoy a “Devil Dog!” My lunch companion and I shared a hearty chuckle…

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