Arts & Enrichment

child feeding a goatThis year Arts and Enrichment is working with Wilson Commencement Park/Sojourner Home. Following the launch of Wilson Wondercamp Summer Sizzle, Fall 2018 launched in mid October with three afterschool arts programs:

  • Capoeira
  • Improvisation
  • Dance

This will end with a performance to be scheduled for the family and community in December. The date and time will be announced shortly.

We are looking for people who might want to adopt one or more children give a few small gifts to the children so each performer has a little gift following their hard work. An alternative is to donate gift cards, so the Director of Children’s Programming, Ms. Gloria Martin can shop for what the children need.

This year, the Director, Melanie Jones’s goals of strengthening families through shared activities began with a family trip to Stokoe Farms on Sunday, October 28th. 30 residents attended and were treated to an animal farm, picking pumpkins, an anti-bullying theme corn maize, food and rides. Much thanks to the staff for hosting us at a reduced rate! Pictures capturing the moments are below.

Through Fill the Bus, these trips are able to happen. We welcome your continued support.

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