Anti-Racism Team Update – June 2021


Ralph Carter, Melanie Jones, Elizabeth Laidlaw, and Laurie Mahoney

In conjunction with the June 20 Sunday Seminar about the Commission on Racial And Structural Equity (RASE), the Anti-Racism Team suggests you listen to this discussion of the RASE Report with Bill Johnson and consider how Third Church might further one of the former mayor’s top three recommendations. 

The Anti-Racism Team is also pleased to announce a Sunday Seminar Series this fall, to be facilitated by key community leaders and Third Church members. The series, sponsored by Adult Spiritual Formation, will dive into RASE’s recommendations for specific topic areas:

  • Education
  • Criminal Justice and Policing
  • Business Development and Job Creation
  • Housing  
  • Health + Human Services, Mental Health, and Addiction Services

Critical objectives for these sessions include (1) increased awareness and self-education, (2) a look at Third Church’s activities with an anti-racist lens, and (3) actions we can take now as individuals and as a church. 

Listen, Learn, then Act…
Anti-Racism Rewind: Here are listening and learning resources from the weekly Congregational Update:

Watch “United Shades of America” with W. Kamau Bell (pictured at right)

Read and consider Psalm 104:1-4, 14-30. In verses 27 and 28, what does it mean to “open your hand?” What good things has God filled our hands with?

Read and consider Acts 10:9–16, 17-23. How is the idea of abundance used in verses 9-16 and 17-23? What evidence of abundance do you see at Third Church?

How to talk to kids about racism, racial violence, and police brutality
How a White Girl Learned White Supremacy in Suburban Rochester
Haves and Have-Nots
Poverty, Race, and Lack of Internet
Modern-Day Segregation In Public Schools

Drop off plastic and paper bags with handles to Zion Memorial AME Church (549 Clarissa St, Rochester, NY 14608) on Wednesdays, 3:00-7:00pm. The bags are used to distribute needed food to over 200 families.

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